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Series 500 Student Personnel

500 Statement of Guiding Principles.pdf

501.1 Right to Attend.pdf

501.2 Students with Disabilities.pdf

501.2a Students with Disabilities.pdf

501.3 Contracting for Special Services.pdf

501.4 Home Bound Student.pdf 

501.5 Education of Homeless Children.pdf

501.6 Kindergarten.pdf

501.7 Compulsory Attendance.pdf

501.8 District Attendance Area.pdf

501.9 Attendance Requirements.pdf

501.9a Attendance Requirements.pdf

501.9b Release Time

501.10 Graduation and Early Graduation.pdf

501.10a Graduation and Early Graduation.pdf

501.11 Graduation Special Education.pdf

501.12 Presentation of Class and Diplomas.pdf

501.13 Dual Enrollment.pdf

501.13a Dual Enrollment.pdf

501.14 Foreign Exchange Students.pdf

501.14a Foreign Exchange Students.pdf

502.1 Student Entrance.pdf

502.2 Immunization.pdf

502.3 Student Enrollment Options.pdf

502.3a Student Enrollment Options.pdf

502.4 Grade Placement.pdf

503.1 Release of Information.pdf

503.1a Release of Information.pdf

503.2 Confidential Records and Counselor.pdf

503.3 Access to Cumulative Records.pdf

503.4 Transcripts.pdf

503.4a Transcripts.pdf

503.5 Assessment.pdf

503.5a Assessment.pdf

503.6 Credit Acceptance for Transferring Students.pdf

503.7 Maintenance of Student Records.pdf

503.8 Middle Level Credits.pdf

503.9 Student Data Privacy and Security.pdf

504.1 Student Conduct.pdf

504.2 Due Process.pdf

504.3 Statutory Authority.pdf

504.4 Guidelines for Student Disciplinary Action.pdf

504.5 Student Interviews.pdf

504.6 Sweep, Search and Seizure.pdf

504.6a Sweep, Search and Seizure.pdf

504.7 Truancy.pdf

504.7a Truancy.pdf

504.8 Habitual Truancy.pdf

504.8a Habitual Truancy.pdf

504.9 Denial of School Attendance.pdf

504.9a Suspension.pdf

504.9b Expulsion.pdf

504.9c Exclusion.pdf

504.9d Short-term Suspension.pdf

504.9e Long-term Suspension or Possible Expulsion.pdf

504.9f Student Conduct and Behavior Expectations.pdf

504.10 Student Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Use.pdf

504.11 Harrassment Sexual, Racial, Ethnic and Other.pdf

504.11a Sexual Harrassment and Reporting Form.pdf

504.11b Intimidation, Bullying, Racial, Ethnic and Other Harrassment.pdf

504.12 Weapons Prohibited on School Property.pdf

505.1 Student Insurance.pdf

505.2 Athletic Insurance.pdf

505.3 Student Illness or Injury.pdf

505.3a Student Illness or Accident.pdf

505.4 Child Abuse.pdf

505.4a Child Abuse.pdf

505.5 Health Series - Communicable Disease Management.pdf

505.5a-b Health Series - Communicable Disease Management.pdf

505.6 Health Series - Head Lice.pdf

505.7 Student Nutrition and Physical Activity.pdf

505.8 Do Not Resuscitate Order.pdf

505.9 Student Health and Safety.pdf

506.1 Emergency Drills- Fire Drills and Bomb Threats.pdf

506.1a Emergency Drills.pdf

506.2 Student Vehicle Parking.pdf

506.3 Bus Passengers.pdf

506.6 Video Surveillance.pdf

506.7 Sex Offender Prohibition.pdf

506.8 Dismissal Precautions.pdf 

507.1 Fraternities or Sororities.pdf

507.2 School Clubs - Membership, Advisor, Funding.pdf

507.2a School Clubs - Membership, Advisor, Funding.pdf

507.3 Initiations.pdf

507.4 Student Government.pdf

507.5 Student Publications.pdf

507.5a-b School Sponsored Publications.pdf

507.6 Extra-Curricular Activities.pdf

507.6a Extra-Curricular Activities.pdf

507.7 Social Events.pdf

507.8 Student Trips.pdf

507.8a Student Trips.pdf

507.9 Fundraising.pdf

507.9a Fundraising.pdf

508.1 Homework Assignments.pdf

508.2 Skip Days.pdf

508.3 Retention.pdf

508.3a Retention/Promotion.pdf

508.4 Questionnaires and Surveys.pdf

508.6 Textbooks, Equipment and Supplies.pdf

508.7 Medication at School.pdf

508.8 Instructional Media.pdf

508.8a-f Selection of Curricular Materials.pdf

508.9 Information Network Acceptable Use.pdf

508.9a-b Information Network Acceptable Use.pdf

508.10 Student Use of Personal Electronic Devices.pdf

508.11 Student Learning Plans.pdf

508.12 Parent Engagement.pdf

508.13 Gifted and Talented Program.pdf