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Developmental Preschool


Developmental Preschool Phone Number (208) 777-0479
Our Fax Number (208) 773-2553

Frederick Post Developmental Preschool Web Page

Developmental Preschool is located at Frederick Post Learning Center

The Post Falls Developmental Preschool provides early intervention services for children who are between the ages of three and five who have a developmental delay in one or more of the following areas: speech, language, motor development, concepts, behavior, vision or hearing.

In order to receive services in the district preschool program, children must meet State eligibility requirements to receive special education services. The Developmental Preschool offers a structured, age-appropriate setting designed to meet the individual needs of each child. Areas incorporated into the daily schedule include language development, social communication skills, nutrition, readiness skills for kindergarten, self-help skills and motor development. Professionals from a variety of disciplines work together to meet the individual needs of all children eligible for the preschool program.

Free Developmental Screening @ Frederick Post Learning Center. 

Call (208) 777-0479 to schedule an appointment or email

For all children in the Post Falls School District 0-5 years old who may have individual needs that result from disabilities and may benefit from special services.

Demographic Info
Ages Served 3-5
Enrollment 50
Teachers 3

PFSD Developmental Preschool
Frederick Post Learning Center
205 W Mullan Ave.
Post Falls, ID

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Developmental Screener 2023

Developmental Screener 2023