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Elementary School Program

Elementary Challenge Program - Grades 2 - 5

Though the 2021-22 second semester is just beginning, Post Falls School District administrators are already planning for next school year.  We wanted to communicate early an exciting change for the students in our elementary Challenge program. 

District personnel are currently rewriting our three-year gifted and talented plan as required by the Idaho State Department of Education. This process requires a review and update of our current elementary Challenge program based on educational research of best practices for gifted students.

We have also analyzed financial implications in an effort to provide equitable allocation of resources for all students. Thus, as we look to next school year, we will make adjustments to our current elementary Challenge program. The following aspects remain the same:

Students will be grouped or “clustered” in homeroom classes at each of their neighborhood schools.

Challenge services will be offered as a pull-out 1-day per week for grades 3, 4 and 5 and a ½-day per week for grade 2.

Highly qualified teachers will set high expectations and provide experiences to assist all students in reaching their full potential. 

The location of services will be centralized at two different schools (one on the east side of the school district and one on the west side). Students will be bused from their home schools to and from these centralized locations one day a week. This is the only change to the program. Gifted students will stay in their neighborhood schools and also interact with a larger cohort of their intellectual peers one day per week at the centralized Challenge location. Further, students will develop friendships with Challenge students from across the district and enjoy connecting again as they move from elementary to middle school.

Details regarding the elementary locations will be ironed out in the coming months and communicated with parents at the start of next school year.

Students in grades 2-5 who have been formally Students working on Mystery Science attend Challenge enrichment services one day each week. Challenge is a pull-out program in which gifted students are grouped with their intellectual peers.

Students participating in the program are afforded opportunities to be exposed to new and challenging information. Facilitators provide opportunities and experiences outside the regular curriculum for students to develop a healthy, productive understanding of personal giftedness. Students are exposed to varied subjects, ideas and concerns at rates appropriate to the individual learner.

Students develop and practice creativity, problem solving, decision making, and the use of critical and logical thinking.


Please contact me with any questions. 

Janelle Baker, PFSD Gifted Coordinator


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