National Junior Honor Society

Last Updated: 6/4/2018 7:16 PM
Mrs. Greenough

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NJHS Advisor: Mrs. Greenough

What is NJHS?         

National Junior Honor Society is a organization for exceptional middle school students. The program’s members have been selected based on their advancements in scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship.These students participate in school activities and help the community.The purposes of NJHS are to give students an interest to get a scholarship, to make students to want to help the community, and to encourage leadership.

Mrs. Hicks




SOAR Advisor: Mrs. Hicks

National Junior Honor Society is helping with our SOAR Success Program this year!  This is a voluntary participation program set up after school to help students get back on track and excel in school.  Our own National Junior Honor Society students work one on one with students who are referred by teachers, parents, or the students themselves, helping each to reach academic goals.  


Middle school is so important in the life of a child.  If we can show them what success looks like, if we can get them to believe in themselves, our hope is that they enter high school ready to face challenges and succeed to the best of their abilities.  


This program takes place weekly Monday through Thursday from 2:30-3:30.  Your child will have an opportunity to come four days a week and finish his/her homework before coming home. Also NJHS members can earn service hours for helping. It is the child’s responsibility to attend SOAR on a regular basis to receive the full benefit of the program. Parents need to provide transportation, but keep in mind that the “Boys and Girls Club” is an option if you work and cannot pick your child up at this time.


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