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Last Updated: 10/2/2020 5:51 PM

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Motivating your child to complete schoolwork at home during distance learning can be easier said than done!  We understand the structure and support a physical school classroom and teacher can provide is hard to emulate in your own home.  Here are some tips and strategies to engage your child in the distance learning process:

1) Take it easy on yourself! Although some parents may have the time and resources to throw themselves into intense homeschooling mode overnight, it’s not realistic for most people. Expectations and guidance vary greatly from school to school (and even teacher to teacher), so what one family is doing with their kids might not make sense for yours. 

2) Give choice within a daily structure: Help your kids create a daily routine while offering them choices within that structure. Outside of non-negotiables, refrain from dictating everything they will do if possible. For instance, allow them to choose the order they will complete each subject within their daily schedule.

3) Acknowledge and celebrate their accomplishments: Give your kids specific, immediate, positive feedback when they are successful. This will enhance their confidence and help motivate them to repeat positive behaviors.  Create a visual to-do list that kids can cross off as tasks as they complete them. 

4) Let kids feel their feelings: Social-emotional skills are at the core of all meaningful learning and are key to our overall well-being. While our kids may not always have access to ideal instruction in their academic subjects, they can still learn essential emotional literacy skills that will serve them their entire lives. 

5) It's okay to get frustrated with math: Unless you love exploring math with your kids, go easy on yourself with this one. And since most parents are unfamiliar with the current approaches to math, you’re really off the hook here.  If you and your child are struggling with the math work, send the teacher a quick email and let them know and see what they can do to help!

6) It's okay for your child to be bored! Kids are used to having lots of structured activities and near-constant visual stimuli at their fingertips. Letting them sit with the discomfort of boredom may be really hard at first — for all of you — but it’s worth it to let them struggle. Imagination, creativity, and self-discovery blossom during boredom. 

7) Make time for play and physical activity: Go for a walk, have a dance party, play catch in your backyard, do yoga.  Getting the body moving will relieve stress and reenergize the brain to focus on that schoolwork.

8) Take breaks: Your child can only do schoolwork for so long. When your child starts getting frustrated, becomes emotional or makes excuses to get up from his/her work area, it’s time for a break.


Online counseling lesson: Below is a link to a lesson on empathy and compassion. Students are encouraged to watch the videos and discuss with parents/guardians. Counseling/Compassion & Empathy.pdf


Doug Sabata - TRE Counselor