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Welcome to West Ridge Elementary counselor's web page! My name is Trina Scott and I have been the school counselor at West Ridge since our school opened in 2008.   Our main goal at our school is to cultivate the academic skills and character traits of our students. As the counselor, it is my job to promote the educational success of students by enhancing their personal development.

To promote our goal I teach classroom lessons on personal safety, bullying and character education. These lessons help our students make good choices in and out of school and follow West Ridge's R.I.C.H character traits of Respect, Impulse Control, Caring, and Honesty.

In addition to classroom lessons, the counseling office also offers group and individual counseling. Counseling groups can vary per year depending on the needs of the students. Group topics can include: children of  divorce/separation, anger management, friendships, social skills, grief/loss, kids living with grandparents, etc.  Students may also wish just to come in and talk to me if they are having a bad day. 

How can your child see the counselor? Students may sign up in the office to schedule an appointment, a teacher or other school staff may refer a student, or parents may request their child visit with the counselor.  Our counseling program maintains an open-door policy for any concerns a parent may have about his/her child.  We communicate with parents and staff about student behavioral and/or emotional progress while also protecting student/family confidentiality. 

I look forward to creating many positive relationships with the students of West Ridge Elementary and their families! Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me if you feel I can help out in any way.

Trina Scott, LCSW/MPA

West Ridge Elementary School Counselor