Idaho  4-Year College Admission Requirements 


In addition to meeting minimum GPA and ACT/SAT requirements, graduates from an accredited high

school must complete a specific set of college preparatory courses with a minimum 2.0 grade average

to be admitted to Boise State University, Idaho State University, Lewis-Clark State College or the

University of Idaho.


English:  8 Credits.  

Minimum Requirements: Eng I, Eng II, (Eng III or Applied Eng III), (Exp of Liberty or Applied Eng IV).

Recommended: Honors English, & College Prep Writing.


Social Science:  5 Credits.

Minimum Requirement: World History, US History, (American Govt. or Exp. of Govt), & Economics.

Recommended: AP US History, & AP Government.


Mathematics:  6 Credits. 

Minimum Requirement: (Applied Math I or Algebra I), (Applied Geometry or Geometry), and Algebra II. 

Recommended: H. Algebra II, H. Geometry, Math Analysis, H. Pre-Calculus, & AP Calculus.

An additional 2 credits are strongly recommended. 


Natural Science:  6 Credits. 

Minimum Requirement: Physical Science, Biology, & (Chem. in Community or Physical Geology).

Recommended: (Chemistry or Honors Chemistry), & Honors Physics.

At least 2 credits must include a laboratory experience.


Humanities/Foreign Language:  2 Credits. 

Minimum Requirement: Music, Fine Arts, or History.

Recommended: 2 years Foreign Language (French, Spanish, or German)


Other College Preparation: 3 Credits.

Minimum Requirement: Speech, Art, Drama, Music, (up to 2 credits of approved vocational courses).

Recommended: additional 3rd year of foreign language


Students who will not have completed the Idaho College Admission Core upon graduation may be

considered for provisional admission.


The University of Idaho has an additional requirement:

Prospective students must meet the following combination of cumulative GPA and test scores:


High School GPA         ACT Composite            SAT Verbal + Math

3.00 - 4.00                     and  Any Score              or  Any  Score

2.60 - 2.99                     and  15 - 36                   or  790- 1600

2.50 - 2.59                     and  17 - 36                   or  870 - 1600

2.40 - 2.49                     and  19 - 36                   or  930 - 1600

2.30 - 2.39                     and  21 - 36                   or  1000 - 1600

2.20 - 2.29                     and  23 - 36                   or  1070 - 1600



For information on Regional Colleges and Universities

College web Links at


In addition,

College catalogs and other reference material may be found in the counselor’s office



Private or Out-of-State College Admission Requirements 


Students who plan to attend an Out-of-state or private four year college have to meet

additional requirements beyond the high school graduation requirements.


General Recommendations for College Entrance Requirements:


(4) years of English - (Yearbook, Drama, Basic English, and Applied English are generally not accepted)


(3) years of College Prep Math - (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig)


(3) years of Science - (Physical Science, Biology and Chemistry or Physics)


(3) years of History/Social Science


(2) years of the same World Language - (a proficiency exam will be given at some universities)


(1) semester in fine, visual, or performing arts


ACT or SAT test scores - (required score varies – check with specific colleges)


Counselor Note: Students should consult college catalogs at their earliest convenience to ensure that

they are taking the appropriate classes. For more information please visit the link below.


College Admission Information at