Food Service

Food Service Director
Debi Willy
Email Me
Phone (208)773-1625

Post Falls School District is committed to providing nourishing lunches and breakfasts daily. At the secondary and elementary schools, students are served lunches that meet Federal regulations on nutritional value and food group balance. Additionally, a breakfast program is available for all students who wish to participate.

Request for Special Meals and/or Accommodations, for form click here.  This form needs to be submitted to the Nutrition Office at Post Falls Middle School (301 E 16th) or mailed to Nutrition Services, PO Box 40, Post Falls ID 83877, or you can drop it off at the District Office @ W 206 Mullan Ave.

Lunch Charges:
Please be aware that food services only allows three meal
charges on student meal accounts. If your student has more
than three charges, they will be given an alternate lunch until
their balance is paid. Please know that they will also be
charged for this alternate lunch at their same lunch price.

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