West Ridge Staff Directory

Our staff strives to make parent, teacher, and patron communication an integral part of each school day.

Direct Voice contact is easily achieved by contacting the School Office at the phone number shown below. This number is provided to you for the purposes of (1) emergency contact or (2) the need to talk with a staff member about time-sensitive messages. Direct voice contact is only available during school office hours.

School Office:  Direct Voice
(208) 773-7291

West Ridge Contacts  
Staff Member Position email
Barkley, Matt Music Teacher
Bonds, Emmy 5th Grade
Bruns, Emily Parapro  
Carlisle, Christina Lifeskills Parapro  
Corbin, Carrie 1st Grade
Dankel, Tina Challenge Program
Ekness, Jamie Resource Parapro  
Engel, Cindy Parapro  
Fish, Vicki Kitchen Manager  
Frame, Danielle Resource Parapro  
Fulton, Dave Custodian  
Garver, Hollie 5th Grade
Goodsen, Nicole 2nd Grade
Haas, Nancy Librarian
Heisel, Trina Lifeskills Parapro  
Hensley, Sue Parapro  
Hill, Tara Resource Teacher
Hoffeld, Lisa Principal
Hoslett, Pete 1st Grade
Janke, Ingo  Lifeskills Teacher
Kirkbride, Katherine BI  
Kison, Kristin 3rd Grade
Kyllo, Debra Title Parapro  
Leonard, Katelyn 3rd Grade
Mayo, Sherry 4th Grade
McCoy, Julie 5th Grade
Medeiros, Nicole 2nd Grade
Mobraten, Michelle 3rd Grade
Muncey, Lucy Parapro  
Nichols, Carol 3rd Grade
Noren, Megan SLP
O'Donnell, Deb 2nd Grade
Price, Krystin Parapro Title  
Reese, Amanda 1st Grade
Robertson, Amy PE Teacher
Rowland, Falon 1st Grade
Schlothauer, Mary Title Parapro  
Schreibeis, Kat Lifeskills Parapro  
Scott, Trina Counselor
Smith, Amber Secretary Assistant
Smulkowski, Darci 4th Grade
Smulkowski, Jacob 5th Grade
Somers, Steve 4th Grade
Stevenson, Jill Head Secretary
Taylor, Laurie Nurse
White, Holly Title 1 Teacher


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