Prairie View Staff Directory

Our staff strives to make parent, teacher, and patron communication an integral part of each school day.

Direct Voice contact is easily achieved by contacting the School Office at the phone number shown below. This number is provided to you for the purposes of (1) emergency contact or (2) the need to talk with a staff member about time-sensitive messages. Direct voice contact is only available during school office hours.

School Office:  Direct Voice
(208) 773-8327

Prairie View Contacts  
Staff Member Position email
Arnold, Heather Counselor
Baker, Janelle Principal
Barrett, Anita Title 1 Parapro  
Bauer, Brett Grade 3
Bechler, Paula Asst. Secretary
Bedalov, Patricia Speech Pathologist
Bracken, Rozana Computer lab aide  
Butler, Andrea Grade 4/5 Combo
Butler, Jerry Grade 2
Carnahan, Rae Day Custodian
Currey, Randi Title 1
Dinning, Tony Grade 1
Dougall, Laura Grade 5
Fehling, Meagan Grade 1
Ferris, Amy Grade 2
Fox, Judy Grade 2
Gay, Tammy Grade 4
Greig, Maureen Paraprofessional  
Harris, Amanda Psychologist
Harris, Karie Music
Hatch, Lael Grade 4
Herr, Amber GAP  
Hughes, Melissa Resource Parapro  
Hutchison, Maureen Grade 3
Koneval, Tami Resource Parapro  
Lake, Joy Title Parapro
Lancaster, Evelyn Challenge
May, Claudell Cafeteria  
Minden, Carrie Title 1 Parapro  
Moe, Michele Office Manager
Neal, Teresa Paraprofessional
Pine, Jamie Grade 5
Price, Sarah Grade 5
Pruitt, Brenda Paraprofessional  
Ray, Gail Library Media Spec.
Rector, Tara Grade 3
Robertson, Amy PE
Sampson, Alicia Grade 2
Shepard, Kelli Grade 3 AM
Sheppard, Jessica Grade 1
Smythe, Kim Resource  
Taylor, Laurie School Nurse - One day only
Triphahn, Sarah Grade 4
Valentine, Brenda ELL  
Weitzel, Andrea Grade 1
Welch, Bethany Resource 1-5
Wolf, Lori Cafeteria Manager  
Wood, Angela Resource Parapro  


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