PFMS Staff Directory

Our staff strives to make parent, teacher, and patron communication an integral part of each school day.

Direct Voice contact is easily achieved by contacting the School Office at the phone number shown below. This number is provided to you for the purposes of (1) emergency contact or (2) the need to talk with a staff member about time-sensitive messages. Direct voice contact is only available during school office hours.

School Office: Direct Voice
(208) 773-7554  
PFMS Contacts  
Staff Member Position email
Alexander, Scott 8th Grade PreAlgebra & Algebra
Anderson, Brad Industrial Arts 7/8 Grade
Anderson, Landon 7th Grade Social Studies
Barnhart, Kristina Psychologist
Beach, Courtney Resource Teacher
Blanton, Denise Life Skills Paraprofessional  
Bond, Teresa Library  
Booth, Tabitha Assistant Principal
Byrne, Mary PE
Carlson, Brian US History 8 & Athletic Director
Chaney, Deanna Paraprofessional  
Collier, Andrew Music/Band 6-8 Grade
Courtney, Suzanne Leadership, Young Living, ASB & Activities
Cramer, Jennifer Resource Paraprofessional  
DeWalt, Kristin 6th Grade
Diaz, Rebekah PE/Health
Dodson, Jasper Custodian
Fridinger, Will 7th Grade Social Studies
Greenough, Loretta Gifted and Talented 6-8 Grade
Greer, Patricia 7/8 Language! & 6th Grade Computers
Hammond, Jessica 6th Grade
Hansen, Josh 6th Grade
Harmon, Brad Principal
Heasty, Ryan 7 English, Honors English 7
Hicks, Caitlin 6th Grade
Hollenbeck, Laura 6th Grade
Howard, Maureen Science 7 Grade
Hoyer, Ava Special Education
Jackson, Sandi 7 English, Honors English 7
Kalosky, Lorie 6th Grade
Mauel, Paul English Teacher 8 Grade
McVeigh, Barb Paraprofessional  
Miller, Debbie Life Skills Paraprofessional  
Moe, Tiffany Math Teacher 7 Grade
Nelson-Adams, Monica 8th Grade PreAlgebra & Algebra
Norris, Stefan PE/Health Teacher 6/8 Grade
O'Rourke, Brian Science 7 Grade
Ostrom, Steve Computer Technology
Outhwaite, Gail Nurse  
Pence, Sara 6th Grade
Petersen, Kim 7th Grade Math, Pre Algebra
Pouye, Arie 8th Science
Ramsey, Jordan 8th Grade LA, Honors English
Ranney, Erin 6th Grade
Sabala, Toni Teacher Special Education
Schwaderer, Adam PE/Health
Schwaderer, Brittany Art
Simmons, Trisha Paraprofessional  
Simpson, Ron 8th Grade Science
Stauning, Michelle Resource Teacher
Stephens, Lori 6th Grade
Stewart, Nancy Resource Paraprofessional  
Swanson, Jeromy 7th Grade math
Toal, Connie Asst. Secretary
Trackwell, Curtis Counselor M-Z
Vasquez, Roman US History 8 Grade
Vellucci, Rebecca Choir, Theatre Arts, Music Prod.
Ward, Vivian 6th Grade
Waters, Jennifer Life Skills Paraprofessional  
Wattam, Marni Counselor A-L
White, Brian Safety Dean
Wilhelm, Lori Secretary for Accounting
Zeller, Kerri Registrar


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