PFHS Staff Directory

Our staff strives to make parent, teacher, and patron communication an integral part of each school day.

Direct Voice contact is easily achieved by contacting the School Office at the phone number shown below. This number is provided to you for the purposes of (1) emergency contact or (2) the need to talk with a staff member about time-sensitive messages. Direct voice contact is only available during school office hours.

School Office: Direct Voice
(208) 773-0581

PFHS Contacts  
Staff Member Position email
Adams, Karla Math
Allert, Marc P.E.
Amende, Dennis Social Studies
Barnard, Terry French
Beierle, Cody Reource
Bennett, Blaine Math
Bertsch, Greg English/Drama
Blair, Angie Business/Tech
Blaschka, Jennifer Health Occupations
Blowers, Mike U.S. History
Cavalletto-Ginman, Jane Science
Chapman, Bret Resource Officer
Childs, Paul Social Studies
Chmielewski, Michelle Art
Christensen, Craig Athletic Director
Conti, Susan District Nurse
Dahlgren, Molly Counselor (F-K)
DeHaas, Kelsi Spanish
Edmonds, Denise Counseling Secretary
Florea, Anthony Science
Frank, Dustin Math
Frank, Katie Math
Freeman, Tim English
Frison, Megan English
Gemmill, Laura English
Gibson, Andrea Math
Grice, Della Marketing
Gunderson, Matt Social Studies
Guthrie, Nathan Math
Hagadone, Kristin Counselor (L-Ro)
Hamilton, Carrie Special Ed
Hanna, Willow Science
Hartzell, Kirk Math
Hensley-Jenkins, Cherise English
Herndon, Dave Math
Heiser, Staci Counselor (A-E)
Hodl, Cheri Bookkeeper
Jewell, Elizabeth ETS  
Jibby, Ashley Near Peer
Johnson, Chris English
Johnson, Kim Kitchen Manager
Kahler, Derek Art
Kohoutek, Glenda Attendance Secretary
Lawson, Bill Construction
Lawson, Gabe Spanish
Leliefeld, Kandace PE/Health
Lewis, Kenzie English
Maas-Gotti, Kristin English
Maddy, Jennifer English
Mason, Mark Vice Principal Gr 9, 11
McKain, Josh Science
McLauchlin, Sue Libray/Media Center
McLean, Mike P.E./Health
Meeks, Catherine Study Hall
Mehalechko, Nicholas English
Mills, Steven Science
Mitchell, Pamela A. Activities Secretary
Montruiel, Serena School Psychologist
Neal, Corey Science
Neal, Jim Special Education
Nelson, Kristin Vice Principal
Ohman, Jessica English
Piephoff, Megan Science
Pilyayev, Samantha Social Studies
Poelstra, Amber Ceramics
Reardon, Pete Social Studies
Robbins, Isaac Music
Roberts, Luke PE
Roberts, Rebecca Special Ed
Roberts, Sarah Spanish
Rust, Cindy Science
Sabata, Doug Counselor (Rp-Z)
Sandford, Joel Music
Sasse, Dee Computer Lab
Schneidmiller, Susan Secretary
Schumacher, Minda English
Seaman, Madison Near Peer
Sensel, Chris Principal
Shaber, Rita Math
Shamion, Adam Credit Recovery
Shi, Haojie Chinese Teacher
Smart, Jessica Math
Smith, Dawn Math
Starr, Samantha Science
Steele-Poelstra, Amber Ceramics
Thayer, Michael Special Ed
Trefry, Brian Social Studies
Tremblay, Yvette Speech/English
Valkenaar, Heidi Science
Vordahl, Ryan Business/Tech
Wallace, Leona Speech
Ward, Jessie PE/HEalth
West, Kelly Social Studies
Westlake, Mel Health/P.E.
Wood, Ryan Social Studies
Young, Misti Life Skills
Zeller, Mick Health/P.E.
Zender, Jeremy Social Studies


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