FPK Staff Directory

Our staff strives to make parent, teacher, and patron communication an integral part of each school day.

Direct Voice contact is easily achieved by contacting the School Office at the phone number shown below. This number is provided to you for the purposes of (1) emergency contact or (2) the need to talk with a staff member about time-sensitive messages. Direct voice contact is only available during school office hours.

School Office: Direct Voice
(208) 777-0479

FPK Contacts  
Staff Member Position email
Byxbe, Christine CLassroom Teacher
Caldwell, Julia L. Classroom Teacher
Canger, Alicia Classroom Teacher
De Soto, Cynthia Classroom Teacher
Donahue, Denise Parapro  
Euell, Denise Parapro  
Farkas, Jennifer Parapro Life Skills  
Foote, Sarah Parapro Title 1  
Garlinghouse, Lisa Parapro Life Skills  
Goodmansen, Kristin Parapro  
Harmon, Staci Parapro Title 1  
Hartson, Brenda Music/ PE Teacher
Hirsch, David Teacher
McCabe, Michelle Parapro  
Padgett-Stuart, Amanda Speech Therapist  
Porcher, Mark Counselor  
Rangel, Catherine Parapro Title 1  
Rohlman, Mary Title 1 Teacher  
Sabers, Kim Parapro Life Skills  
Schmidt, Tracie Classroom Teacher
Sevedge, Connie Classroom Teacher
Shepard, James Principal
Symons, Shari Classroom Teacher
Thompson, Rebecca Parapro  
Weber, Virginia Teacher
Wilhelm, Karen Secretary
Wilson, Anna Classroom Teacher
Wood, Heather Classroom Teacher


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